Your API key is:

Why is this better than making your own?

  1. It'll be constantly maintained as I have personal projects that use this
  2. It's cheaper than making your own
  3. You're supporting a developer :)

How to use

  1. Subscribe to the patreon
  2. Press "Get API Key"
  3. Put the API key as your "Authorization" header

The API endpoint is

You can chain multiple placeId queries together and it'll return a list with all of them in the order you provided them


If you're using this in Roblox, heres a basic snippet you can use in your code below!

NOTE: Be mindful of the ratelimit and ensure your code dosent exceed it!

    local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")

    local URL = ""

    local function GetUniverseIdFromPlaceId(placeId : number)
        local success, response = pcall(function()
            return HttpService:RequestAsync({
                Url = URL.."?placeIds="..placeId,
                Method = "GET",
                Headers = {
                    ["Authorization"] = "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"

        if success then
            if response.StatusCode == 401 then
                warn("Invalid API key!")
            elseif response.StatusCode == 429 then
                warn("You've hit your rate limit! Please wait a few seconds before trying again.")
            elseif response.StatusCode == 500 then
                warn("An internal server error has occurred. Please try again later!")
            elseif response.StatusCode == 200 then
                return HttpService:JSONDecode(response.Body)[1]
                warn("An unknown error has occurred: ", response.StatusMessage)
            warn("Failed to get universe id from place id")
        return nil



  1. By using this app you abide to both Roblox and Patreon's Terms of Service and understand the points listed below
  2. Stratiz is not responsible for any harm caused by using this product
  3. There are no guarantees to this application.
  4. In the event of an outage, an effort will be made to restore application functionality